Members, professional committees

The „engines” of the professional work in the renewing HFA are the members and the professional committees. This structure assures the complex work is discussed and realized by the competent experts and stakeholders, as well as the proper split of the different tasks.

Additionally the members and committees form a bridge between the past and the present. In case of the sections the division is the following:

  • Section of industrial firefighting units – it functions according to its special rules.
  • Section of municipal firefighting units – this is the actual ÖTOSZ functioning according to its internal regulations.
  • Section of voluntary firefighting units – includes the associations of the capitol and the counties and functions according to the internal regulations of these entities.

In case of the professional committees we relied on the values of the organization founded by Count Ödön Széchenyi while we created these committees and formed their operational rules.

The leaders of the committees are elected, each of them define independently their own operational rules and they are obliged to report to the Presidency about their activities. The committees are entitled to delegate their representatives to the Presidency. Their main tasks are to realize the professional goals of the HFA and to elaborate their suggestions on elected topics. The leaders of the committees are entitled to participate in the meetings of Presidency, thus they are informed directly to all the relevant information and form their opinion of the different topics.