150th Anniversary of the HFA

Illustration: picture of the first day mint of the 50 HUF coin in gift package issued by the Hungarian National Bank for the 150th anniversary of organized firefighting


150 years ago, in 1870 the Hungarian National Firefighter Association, predecessor of the presently functioning Hungarian Firefighter Association, was founded. The history of one and a half century: it does not only belong to firefighters – let them be either voluntary firefighters or municipal, or industrial ones – but this history belongs to Hungary. This is not at all surprising: the whole life of the association, its everydays, the fights of its members are bonded inseparably together with the history of our nation.

As a part of the jubilee year the Hungarian Firefighter Association remembers of the activity realized so far, about the glorius past with publications and programs. About these you can find information on our homepage.

I do trust that you, dear Reader will find our history worth for your attention.


Budapest, February 1, 2020

Tibor Dobson
ff. Brigadier General
Hungarian Firefighter Association