About us

The association was formed in 1870 for the initiative of Count Ödön Széchenyi who was the first president of it. The association which functioned successfully for eight decades was swept away by the storms of the 20th century but in 1990 the actually operating Hungarian Firefighter Association (HFA) was founded again as a successor of it.

The goal of the politically independent HFA is to help by social tools the protection against fire, the activity of professional, voluntary and industrial firefighters and firefighting associations, to cooperate in the formation of the human, financial and material conditions necessary for increasing the effectiveness of their professional activity, and to care for their international relations. The several thousands of voluntary organizations operating countrywide join to HFA through the counties’ associations. Any firefighting professional entity and other national civil organization can be a HFA member if it accepts HFA’s statutes and if the Presidency accepts its accession. Beside the normal members other organizations, legal and private persons can be supporting members of HFA.