Dear Firefighter Comrades!

On the Electoral General Assembly of the Hungarian Firefighter Association held on March 2,2013, I was elected as President on the base of the delegates’, representing the members’ opinion, majority vote. I wish to thank for the trust represented by my election, at the same time I promise to meet the expectations imposed on me with all my strength and knowledge as far as possible, but in accordance with the interests of HFA.

The past of HFA and the results of our ancestors oblige me to keep our organization cohesive in professional advocacy, to be efficient in firefighting which forms part of public safety, as well as in strengthening the community and in the education of recruits, furthermore to be initiative and cooperative in our relations serving the protection of the population and the economy.

We can achieve the abovementioned goals by high-quality personal and technical preparedness based on the preservation of our historical traditions and by the best utilization of the financial resources provided for our activity.

Dear Comrades,

The firefighter of our age is ready to save others and to help the ones in need at anytime, let him be a voluntary firefighter or a municipal, industrial one or a professional following the example of our ancestors and worthy to his vocation.

To achieve success and good results in our vocation is not possible alone or one by one, just together. I wish to this strength, health, persistent will, keeping in mind the motto of firefighters:

 „Glory to God and help to each other”


Dobson Tibor ff. Brigadier General