Presidents of the Hungarian National Firefighter Association (1870-1945)

The association (Hungarian National Firefighter Association: between 1870–1945, and Hungarian Firefighter Association: after 1990) had several prominent persons as presidents.

The Hungarian Firefighter Association celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation in 2020. For this reason a portrait gallery was created which is the adaptation for the web-site of the publication issued for the anniversary.

We elaborated the biographies of the presidents working for increasing the influence of the association between 1870 and 1945 on the base of János Minárovics’s (retired ff. colonel) book „Great ancestors – Presidents and leaders of the Hungarian National Firefighter Association” published in 2001. Some parts were added with data which had not been known by János Minárovics.

The publication was supported by the Municipality of Budapest Capital.


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